Computer Rooms

Manufacturer: M & I Air Systems

Site: Nextel – Norcross, Georgia

Size/Application: 34,000 CFM units for raised floor design

Total CFM: 408,000 (n + 1)

Equipment Features: 
Ultra quiet direct drive fans (no belt maintainance)
2.5″ w.g. exterior static
Counter flow design

Project Specifics: 
Project required 400,000 CFM of air handlers to be added to existing facility. The M&I Column Unit design available in sizes from 5,000 CFM to 80,000 CFM provided the best choice for minimizing the unit foot print. The 34,000 CFM units reduced the numbers of units to 12 in lieu of 24 conventional CRAC Computer Room units. Installation savings included less wiring and chilled-water piping installation costs.