Manufacturer: M & I Air Systems

Site: Yerkes Primate Research Facility – Atlanta, Georgia

Size & Application:  80,000 CFM 100% Outside Air Makeup and Exhaust Unit With Heat Recovery

Unit Physical Data: 120 ft L x 45 ft W – 125,000 lbs

Equipment Features: 

  • Aluminum Treadplate Flooring & Walk-in Service Vestibule
  • Direct Drive Vane Axial Fans
  • Fume Exhaust Fans Integral To Unit
  • Heat Recovery Coils
  • Ribbed Architectural Extensions

Project Specifics: 
Single roof mounted unit required to house lab exhaust fans, electrical equipment room, 80,000 CFM 100 percent make up air with heat recovery coils, and intergral separate 34,000 CFM office unit.